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Programme and Project Management

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Program Management

Institutions, private sectors, founding bodies, and governments have plans which are supporting their targets as well as showing added value to the public and future vision of regions, countries, and continents.

As a project manager I can clarify the program management as a supporting tool for the policies for the umbrella organizations.

Programming is a delivery of projects in order to put added value to the vision and mission. In order to design a funding program the main concern is not only the budget but also the performance criteria which the programme plans to achieve after the programme being finalized.

The impact analysis is the new concern and target for program authorities in the future assessments.

After the evaluation of the program results the program authority has to make the main summary and evaluation of the program to continue with the reference of the program outputs for the next programming terms. As well as putting the supportive added value to the policy which is the reference of the program itself.

Project Management

There are a wide variety of techniques which can be used to help develop ideas in a programme or project management environment.

A project is an activity plan, with a certain budget, expected results, and impact relationship.

A project granted /funded by a funding organization has a design to show added value to the program and policy.

Project management is a multitasking package of a bundle of activities for a definite time period. The project team is responsible for all the activities designed and planned in the project plan. A project budget needs to be used by each activity in order to reach the defined activity output, and performance criteria.

There are social and economical funds and projects as well as private sector projects for start-ups, SMEs, clusters, and private sector representatives.

Nowadays, the future is developing into a new design. Innovation, and smart specialisations were the intermediate period of reconstruction the policies. Now the motto and policy design is integrating into social innovation, social entrepreneurship, in to the Green Deal, climate change, and converting the whole system into renewable development policies. To support these policies and strategies funds are open under a variety of authorities.COP26 is going to accelerate the policy development with the vision.

Breeze Network & Consult Ltd. is a starting point of the development and design of programs and projects for customers.

Breeze Network & Consult Ltd. has the vision and mission to support the customers in order to manage the programs, and projects according to the policies around Europe, UK, and oversees.

Breeze Network & Consult Ltd shows cooperation, and partnership for projects.

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