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Project Cycle Management

We need to ask ourselves when we try to find a solution to our problem, need, or target that we want to reach. How might we do this?

The question is simple, however the methodology should be taken as a guide for the idea which is a project title.

A project is a package of activities with a specific budget, and a specific time period in order to reach the specified targets.

Logical Framework is the methodology of building the strategy of a project in order to develop to reach to the target and results.

There are basic steps of a project cycle management training with the head titles as follows:

SWOT Analysis

Need Assessment


Main Target

Project Target


Ghant Chart

Activity Plan


Logical Framework

Expected Results

Performans Criteria

Proof of Performance





Breeze Network & Consult Ltd has the experience with the high capacity of experts who have been involved in the training ecosystem since 2004.

Breeze Network & Consult Ltd develops online and face to face trainings in project cycle management.

We are developing trainings for institutions, charities, non governmental organizations, local authorities, private sector representatives, clusters, and youth organizations.

A summary and short training can be organized within two half days as well as 5 days intense training courses are available. The course structure is designed according to the group of participants after an analysis.

Fund Management & Social Entrepreneurship

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