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Project Management Consultancy

Every organization needs a defined strategy under sectoral plannes. The approach as a project management pushes the institution into a level of highly planned structure. The structure and methodology is a follow up of planning, strategy developing, implementing, reaching to the target result, evaluating and finally impact analyzing. The methodology is a continoulsly changing by adapting. For every organisation project management is an asset of investment. Breeze Network & Consult Ltd is the solution partner in developing, and implementing your projects in order to achieve the planned results and impacts.

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We review your current project management structure and prepare a  need assessment report. We analyze the general assets of your organization in project management in order to develop your project management capabilities and capacity.




We make a SWOT and PESTIL analysis to show the strength and weaknesses of your organization in the methodology of project management. Finally we plan to develop the capacity of the human resource by training and coaching. The adaptability shows the organizational structure of your institution in project management. 




With all the analysis, data, and capacity and a summary of your organization we come together in a round table and discuss how to adapt the structure in a project management perspective all together. The final methodology structure is a general conclusion of your organisation with the new project management future strategy.



If your company/institution/organization integrates the methodology of project management then success comes with adapting and integrating the methodology project management.


What Breeze Network & Consult Ltd Offers


*Stakeholder round tables

*Current state analysis of the structure

*Report of the future

*Training Titles for Expert

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