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Breeze with the experts of project cycle management, strategical management, and smart specialization share their talented expertise with the target beneficiaries.
Breeze develops training for trainers in order to increase the capacity of project management, and support building the ecosystem of project partnership.
Breeze is a solution in Technical Assistance as a partnership address for consortiums in fund management.

Breeze is an independent consulting company with activities spread around Europe, UK, and oversees. Breeze implements planning, management, and training projects for regional, national, and international donors, funding institutions, and the private sectors.


Breeze as an independent consultancy company. Breeze has been founded on 28th April 2021.

Breeze is a solution service provider developing strategies supporting investment and development. Breeze is providing services for investment in innovation and digitalization. Breeze is a solution for digital community strategy development. Breeze shows the ecosystem assets. 


Breeze Offers:

  1. Project Management Consultancy,

  2. Foreign Investment Consultancy,

  3. International Networking Solutions,

  4. Training and Education Consultancy,

  5. Sustainability

International Networking Solutions
Building Partnership, Developing Business Cooperation between Private Public Partnership.


Training and Education

Language Courses, MASTER and PHD Programmes


Project Management Consultancy
Planning, Funding, Implementing, Evaluation and impact assessment.

Breeze Network & Consult Ltd. provides corporate services in different consultancy branches. All of these services offered have common values.


Every new customer case is in a state of urgency for us. We know how important time is to you. At the same time, we make careful examinations on your file.

Breeze Networking provides consultancy services with consultants specialized in the field. All of our consultants are licensed. We have been in this sector for more than 20 years.


We offer qualified consultancy services with our licensed and experienced consultants on issues such as fund management, project cycle management, networking solutions, education, and real estate investment. 

We offer extra ideas about the solutions of the problem and guide you. We protect and warn you from negative options. Thus, you save time and money.


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